Octopus makes a limited appearance on our menu.

Where we got the octopus:

Sea to Table, A Brooklyn NY, purveyor of only wild caught, domestic, sustainable and traceable seafood, and one of the few fish mongers we use, sent an email saying that they have some Giant Pacific Octopus. This particular fisheries’ octopus is the only Best Choice rated, from Monterey Bay Aquariums Seafood Watch program, in the world.  The octopus was available in 30# cases, we figured why not give it a try, we hadn’t cooked octopus in a very long time, so, we ordered a case.

30 pounds of Giant Pacific Octopus


What we got:

A 30# case I figured there would be 3 or 4 octopus to a case; I was wrong it was just one, so, each of the tentacles weighed in at just under 4 pounds.

Mark showing his surprise that there was only one octopus in the large box


How we cooked the it:

We braised it in white wine with onions, fennel, garlic, carrot, Spanish paprika, bay leaves and herbs, low and slow for a couple of hours. We then chilled the octopus overnight in its cooking liquid before cutting it into portions ready to to grill when ordered.


How we are serving it:

We are serving the Grilled Octopus with Charred Knotweed, Smashed Potato Croquette, Pea Greens, Wild Chives, Aleppo Pepper and Braising Liquid Vinaigrette. The knotweed and wild chives were foraged by our friend Tyler. Eva’s Garden in South Dartmouth, MA, supplies us year round with the most beautiful pea greens. The Aleppo style peppers where grown, dried and ground on Maggie’s Farm in Rehoboth, MA.

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