I tasted our beer!

We have been working with our friends at Cambridge Brewing Company to brew a beer in celebration of our 20th anniversary.  Today after a week of fermenting, I stopped by CBC to check on the progress, the beer is looking and tasting great.  It’s still quite hazy and very hoppy with a mild malt richness, the local Valley Malt grains we used are full of protein, which will add to the hazy richness and profound mouthfeel we are hoping for.  The brewers think the beer is on the right track and after another 2 weeks of flavors melding together we should end up with an exceptional brew.

Tapping the fermentation tank for a taste.

I plan on tasting the beer again next week to see how it is progressing, then at the end of the following week on Friday, June 1st, the first day of our month long 20th anniversary celebration, we hope to be tapping into our first keg of EVOO 20 IPA.

Brewmaster Will toasting our first taste.

Help us come up with a name.

I keep referring to the beer as EVOO 20 IPA, however, we have a couple of weeks before we start pouring, so, if anyone has any suggestions on a name for the beer, please send it to us via the comment box below.  I would like the name to portray the significance of our, important-to-us anniversary.  At CBC, they like their beer names to have some musical reference, Will Meyers, CBC’s brewmaster extraordinaire falls back on Fish songs and lyrics, much to the chagrin of his co-brewers.  Don’t be shy give us a good name, otherwise it will be the boring EVOO 20 IPA.


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