We hired Ivo Baca as a lead host in 2013 and he has since cross-trained to many positions at Za, EVOO and the bar. He helps out in almost any front of house position. He is often my first call to fill in and is happy to help whenever (and wherever)he is needed Ivo’s intelligence, humor, and desire to help are clear to our guests and to his co-workers. It is my pleasure to have Ivo working with us and it will be your pleasure to have him as your server, bartender, or host.

Why and when did you start working at Za and EVOO?
I was hired way back in October 2013 (!!!). After college I knew I needed to take a few years before pursuing graduate level studies and I was fortunate enough to get hired with zero restaurant experience! Thanks Steve for the gamble!

Which positions do you work?
I am a server at both Za and EVOO and bartend a few nights a week.

You train other staff often. What do you most enjoy about it?
Being a trainer ultimately means you take on the responsibilities of ensuring new crew members are set up to succeed at their job as well as feel welcomed into their new working environment. It is always a pleasure to work with a new crew member and then watch as they carve out their own place in our wacky little family!  

What are your interests outside of work?
I’ll be honest and admit that I am an obnoxiously avid film/pop music/musical theater nerd as well as general pop culture connoisseur. I try to fill my free time with books, films and live shows with friends. Recently I’ve returned to collaging which has proven to be a welcome artistic process!  

What’s the last great music show you attended?
I had 4th row seats to Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour at Gillette back in July. I’ll call that a religious experience and leave it at that.

What’s the last great theatre show you attended?
Last spring I was lucky enough to see the original Broadway cast of Mean Girls in New York City. The show is an incredibly thoughtful update of the classic movie and the music was my album of the summer!!!

Do you have one great guest story you’d like to share?
One random summer night a few years ago a guest on the patio asked me to assist in his proposal to his then girlfriend…the whole patio applauded and it was a quite a show! I’ve never seen either of them again so who knows if they actually got married but my part in it was pretty cool.

What keeps you working with us at Za and EVOO?
We have a chalkboard outside that reads: “EVOO and Za are Sanctuary restaurants. There is a place at our table for EVERYONE.” I love that we provide a welcoming and comfortable environment for both our guests and our staff. In our current political climate I like to think we provide a safe space and I am proud to be a part of the crew.  


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